Precision Concept

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Acura and Their Precision Concept  Acura-Precision-concept--300x183

The automaker Acura is planning to release a concept later this week that is being considered by the company as the future brand design for their entire brand. After previously releasing teaser images, they will reveal a full concept at the Detroit Auto Show that is to be held on the 11th and 12th of January this year.
The earlier released teaser images featured coupe-like lines, a sleek hood and extended fenders. According to Dave Marek, the design director for Acura, the new design is geared towards adding a substantial performance feel to the line of automobiles, predominantly their sedans.

Acura Interior Details

Though it is still early, a great deal of speculation has been revolving around the interior design features of the Acura Precision Concept. While many think the vehicle will borrow much of the interior design from Acura’s RLX, the actual details will remain a mystery, possibly even during the Auto Show.
If they do take much of the interior design features from the RLX, expect to see sewn leather doors, dash panels and seats. The instrument cluster will more than likely follow with the currently trending simple design and digital gages.
You can also expect to see two displays on the centre console. One will be a touchscreen that will be integrated with the infotainment system of the vehicle, while the other will be for displaying information and navigation. Bluetooth connectivity, Smartphone integration, a premium sound system, Wi-Fi and USB ports will more than likely be some other features you will notice.
The Precision will also boast some safety features that include: traction and stability control, bolstered airbags, ABS, parking assist, a rear-view camera and collision warning to name a few.


Acura Exterior Details

As noted from the teaser image, this car presents a fresh new design with a longer hood that indicates that the passenger compartment is located further back, placing the driver and front passenger roughly at the centre of the vehicle. This would also indicate that 4-door models will have large doors.
The Precision has a small deck-lid and could have a longitudinal engine layout since it appears to have a rather long dash-to-axle ratio. A predominate character line runs from behind the front wheels and will swoop up to behind the greenhouse glass.


Acura Engine Specs

What will power the Precision is still a mystery. Given the focus on performance, it is possible this car will be fitted with a 3.5L engine that is paired with a hybrid system that could be adopted from the RLX Sport Hybrid. This would give the Precision around 377 hp, unless the tweak it in some manner to squeeze out a little more.
Another possible option would be a tamer version of the drive-train that is housed in the NSX. With three motor pumps, you could be looking at between 430 to 572 hp, depending on just how tame they make it. You can also look for the Precision to be offered as an all-wheel drive model.
When the model makes it appearance next week, a lot of these speculations and mysteries will be clarified and we will have more information about the mysterious Acura Precision concept.