Mercedes AMG C63 2015

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The new c63 AMGc63 amg

The new AMG C63 2015 has been designed to take on the performance of its German rivals the legendary M3 BMW and RS4 by Audi The 2015 C63 is based on the tried and tested C-class saloon, the C63 does offer a lot more power by a slightly more tuned engine, the new engine unit is a twin turbo 4.ltr V8 , the older C63 did have s lightly larger engine that was 6.2 ltr however the guys at AMG and have worked their magic and the new model delivers a lot more power while raining in the fuel consumption The new entry model of the C63 produces 469 bhp, and a o-62 in 4.1 seconds ,


The more sporty version “S” does have a an extra 34 bhp topping it off 503 bhp, but this extra horse only shaves 1 10th of s second off the 0-62 time! But both engines reportedly can do around 34.5 mpg If you thought the roar of the V8 engine block wasn’t sweet enough , you can upgrade the exhaust system for a of price $1500, the V8 is responsive and acts quickly to pressure on the throttle, the power is delivered nicely to the wheels and the C63 transfer the torque to the ground nicely, allow you to over to take safely and with the confidence that of you need to push harder on the throttle the car will keep moving along , the 7 speed box also helps with the performance of the car


The AMG crew have added their touch to the suspension and reworked the steering on the amg c63 2015, and this has turned the somewhat sponge like handling of the car it something that is a lot more composed and allows for the driver to adjust the line of the car on the road without fighting the car for control

c63 amg


Cosmetically there is not much difference between the C63 and C63 S , however there are a number of subtle changes that make them stand out when side by side with the stock C-Class versions , The front wings of the C63’s have vents, and heart-warming quad exhaust system, the bumpers are also slightly deeper giving the car a lowered look and feel, the C63 S sits on 19inch rims whole the C63 is sat on 18 inch rims, as standard the fast paced models come in 4 door saloon and estate versions Mercedes-AMG C63 S.


inside of the AMG C63

The changes to the inside of the amg c63 2015 are as subtle as the changes to the outside of the car, Mercedes have decided to keep things low key, there an custom AMG instrument panel and a 3 spoke steering wheel that is big enough to get a really from grip on when throwing the car around the corners ,the rest of the interior is the as standard for the C-class sleek and well thought out , with the addition of firmer seats giving a sporty feel to the ride of the car

c63 amg



Standard kit is not bad too on the amg c63 2015 , as mentioned before leather trim , satellite navigation and the cool looking LED head lamps, as with any Mercedes model is it would be very easy to forget the cost of all those extras , for an extra v$4500 usd you could get a new upgraded sound system made by Burmester, the distinctive panoramic roof and a key-less entry system Mercedes-AMG C63

The amg c63 2015 and C63 s has all the standard safety equipment we have come to expect from the German car brand , all models have 7 air bags , stability control , Autonomous emergency breaking , and a deeper bonnet for pedestrian safety and up graded braking system.