Making Sure That You Are Eligible to Make an Accident Claim

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The national road toll is a figure appearing in news agendas throughout the year. Every year authorities strive to decrease the number and keep people out of hospitals. Of course, people live very busy lives and are often in such a rush to get somewhere that accidents happen. In life, people cannot control everything around them, and sometimes you are involved in accidents that are simply not your fault, but you suffer the consequences. In cases like this, you may be eligible for some form of compensation via legal channels. But this means that you must seek out an expert in legal matters and a reputable legal firm, much of which most people find difficult or simply too overwhelming.

How to Make an Accident Claim

If you do decide to pursue legal channels and seek fair compensation for being involved in a road accident that was not your fault, it is wise to remember and understand that there are certain criteria that you have to meet in order to do so, including:

  • A time limit: You sometimes hear about the so-called ‘statute of limitations’ placed on clients during court cases in popular legal TV shows. Though it varies across different nations, the UK imposes a three-year limit on every road accident claim. From the date of the diagnosis of personal injuries due to a road accident, everyone has a three-year time limit to make a claim for compensation. This is very important to remember, and will certainly be the first question that a legal professional asks you!
  • Liability: Your level of liability in the accident is key to how strong your case is considered to be. If you were entirely responsible for the accident, it is unwise to pursue a case since it will likely be unsuccessful. If you have partial liability, your case will certainly be stronger. If you were not responsible at all for the accident and subsequent injuries inflicted, then you will have the strongest case possible.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Claim

It is true to say that not all lawyers and legal professionals are the same. In any case and claim, the key characteristic that defines a reliable lawyer is the ability to communicate well with clients and build good rapport. If one should feel uncomfortable with one’s legal representation, it is always best to look at other legal options. Clients should never feel discomfort with their legal representation, and they should always feel that their case is being taken seriously.

If you have been involved in a road accident, ask yourself the following questions before making a claim:

  • Do I have a strong legal case? How responsible was I for the accident?
  • Have I run out of time to make a claim?

Even though making a legal claim can be challenging under certain circumstances, it is always wise to seek legal advice on the strength of your accident claim and your options. There are also a number of legal firms that offer a ‘no win – no fee‘ service, so it is always a good idea to read the fine print and ask about it.