Is Your Fiat Aerial Up To Standard

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Fiat, the classic Italian car manufacturer, has been supplying the finest automobiles from their production lines Turin for over 117 years. Whether you’re looking for your first hatchback as a new driver, or an SUV for your growing family, Fiat provide cars for all tastes and requirements. With the new 66 plate, there isn’t a better time to check out the full range of cars at your local Fiat dealers. Once you’ve found your dream car, you be planning a road trip with a few friends or your family. If you’re somebody who likes to listen to the radio when you’re driving, you may consider treating yourself to a new aerial so you always have the optimum audio quality.


Retractable Aerials

If you’ve had issues with previous cars where your car aerial was snapping off or being stolen, a retractable aerial may be your answer. They are made from metal shafts, slightly thinner than each other so they can slot back into each other when you’re not using it. In many cases they are automatic, raising and extending when the radio turns on, and retracting when the radio is off, protecting them from severe weather conditions, car washes and vandals.


The most expensive aerials available, but they do offer the best signal and sound quality. The aerial itself,  is magnetic and fixes to the roof of the car, connecting to the interior radio dock. A satellite for your car will offer the most superb audio quality you’ve ever experienced in a vehicle. In some cases you have to pay a subscription fee in order to receive the signal, but it is usually worth every penny.

Whip Aerials

Another solution to sever weather and snapping, is to choose a whip aerial. There are made from a flexible metal that makes them resistant to adverse weather. They are generally more affordable than most other aerials, easy to install and provide a decent quality of audio. In coastal aerials, they are known to be prone to salt corrosion that can damage the aerial itself, as well as its connections. They are also constantly exposed which can make them a target for vandals.


Internal Aerial

As the name suggests, internal aerials are tucked away, inside the car, away from all weather conditions and vandals. They are usually fitted to your dashboard or in the boot space. They are also easy to fit and relatively inexpensive. However, as they are inside the car, they can struggle to get a signal in some conditions, which is where a signal amplifier is also needed as well.