Lagonda Taraf super-saloon

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Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf super-saloon

Lagonda Taraf The luxury sports brand Aston Martin have confirmed that the Lagonda high performance 6.0 litre V12 will be sold in the UK !


The luxury and striking looks and design of the new Lagonda Taraf create so much interest when the company first released some data on the car , that they have now confirmed not only will they be releasing the car in the UK but also the rest of the world



Aston Matins CEO spoke to an exclusive audience in a plush hotel in Dubai at the end of 2014 , Dr Andy Palmer said that the beast of a car would be released under the official name of Lagonda taraf , which in means “ultimate luxury “ the car is set to be in the show rooms sometime this year but the price tag is not for the faint heated it is a heavy duty $400,000 ! The news about the lagonda being sold world-wide is a complete 180 turn from Aston Martin as they initially said that the car was only being made in limited numbers and only for the middle eastern markets, they have now said the car will be sold across the globe but again only in small numbers making the exclusivity of the car even more!


The car will also be available in right drive or left hand drive. The Lagonda Taraf was from the outset only meant for a very select few middle eastern customers and the plan was to only produce 1000 of the cars and they were to be sold by invite only! the first pictures of the car are set in the middle east where the company did most of their weather testing in the hot desert sun .

We were delighted to see some night time shots of the car and while they didn’t give much away we did get to see the famous the winged badge and the sleek led front and rear lighting system on the Lagonda .

The luxury doesn’t stop in the engine bay either, the interior of the car is also extremely lavish , with high end quilted leather used on the seats door linings and even the roof lining , the space at the back of the car also gives plenty of leg room for any rear passengers , however not enough room to make comfortable enough for those of us with longer legs , the seats a frim but comfortable, and they reminds us that even though the car is a luxury car it still has racing DNA ,

Lagonda Taraf

Lagonda Taraf engine Exact details of the monster power plant are still to be finalized but the Lagonda is expected have at least a 565 bhp highly tuned earth shaking v12, 6 litre engine block ,

The power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission and performance should be worthy of the Aston Martin brand. Expect a top speed close to 200mph and 0-62mph pace around the 5-second mark.

All this power will be sent to the rear wheels by a s6 speed auto transmission and with the Aston Martin badge strapped to the bonnet you know the car is going be quick , 0-62 in around 5 seconds and pushing the magic 200 mph top speed •

Lagonda Taraf

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf will use the same basis as all of the brands cars and will be using the VH platform apart from the wheel base will be slightly longer to allow for the longer leg room ion the back , the new angular styling of the car will set it apart from the models Aston Martin Lagonda The $400,00 price tag for the car covers the cars being Hand built back in the Gaydon factory in the home country of Aston Martin , England