The 2017 BMW M2 Coupe Release Date Price & Specs

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The 2017 BMW M2 Coupe Release Date Price & Specs2017-bmw-m2-coupe-NCI-10

The final stages for the BMW M2 Coupe are currently underway. The BMW M2 is expected to be released later in during the Spring of this year. Not only was the M2 line launched to replace the 1 Series Coupe in 2014, it can also easily be associated with the E30 M3 and the 2002 Turbo’s and is considered by many enthusiasts to become just as legendary as the models it replaced.

Interior Details

It goes without saying that the interior of the M2 will feature a luxurious package. The standard seats from that outgoing model have been replaced by M-badged sports seats that are upholstered in black Dakota leather and blue stitching that provides a nice contrast. The new and improved seats will also feature side bolsters that are adjustable to enhance the support provided by the seats.
The steering wheel is also wrapped in high quality Dakota leather with the same contrasting blue stitching as the sports seats. The blue stitching will also be found on the shifter and knee pad. Other than the carbon-fiber inserts found around the A/C vents, glove compartment and centre console, the dashboard looks similar to the other 2 Series models.
The instrument cluster has M2-specific dials and needles, a speedometer that reaches 200 mph, and a tach that reads up to 800 rpm. Several of the surfaces in the cabin will have the M logos, such as the tachometer and door sill plates.


The 2017 M2

will not be left without technological upgrades as well. The M2 will be equipped with the M Laptimer app that will store a plethora of information to let the driver know how they are doing on the track. There is also a GoPro app that works in conjunction with the iDrive touch controller, with the recorded information being displayed on the Control Display found on the M2.
Exterior Details2017-bmw-m2-coupe-NCI-8-150x100
The exterior design of the 2017 M2 is barrowed from both the M4, and the M235i. The M2 presents a more aggressive look than the M235i, and is equipped with many of the features you would find on other models in the M Series.
Upon first look, you can see how the M2 borrows many exterior features from the M235i models with its honeycomb grill and large air intakes. The unique bumper on the M2 is one feature that sets it apart from the M235i, especially with the M badge centred on the grill. While not as sporty as the M4, the M2 still has a very sporty appearance, including the back of the car with its deeply sculpted character lines.
Also featured on the rear of the 2017 M2 are vertical reflectors that are located at each extreme and mirror the trapezoid design of the front apron. A sporty diffuser with the easily identifiable BMW M quad-exhaust pipe is also present. The 2017 M2 also receives M-specific touches to the sides. The vehicle will be offered in one of four colours: Mineral Grey Metallic, Alpine White, Black Sapphire Metallic and Long Beach Blue Metallic.

Engine Specs  2017-bmw-m2-coupe-NCI-13

BMW has spiced things up under the hood with a turbocharged 3.0L, 6-cylinder that generates 365 HP and 343 lb-ft. of torque. This engine is also equipped with an over-boost function that provides an additional 29 lb-ft. of torque from 1,450 to 4,750 rpm; the same unit found in the X4 M40i, just not as aggressively tuned. The engine will come with a manual 6-speed transmission that is offered as standard. However, a dual-clutch 7-speed DCT system that offers three driving modes is available as an option. The system also features the automakers Smokey Burnout function and a launch control.
The manual transmission will give a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds, the DCT is slightly quicker at 4.2. Regardless of the transmission equipped, all models have a top speed of 155 mph.
Expected Release Date and Price
Pricing in the U.S. market for the M2 is still a secret, even though the prices on the Europe market have already been announced. The M2 Coupe has a starting price of $67,200 in Europe, higher than the M235i but lower than the M4 Coupe.
Since the models on the U.S. market will more than likely be cheaper, we can assume a starting price of $55,000. We can expect showrooms in the U.S. to see the 2017 M2 sometime this Spring with the first showing scheduled for the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit.