2017 BMW i8S Release Date Price SPECS

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The 2017 BMW i8S  Release Date Price &  Specs 2017-BMW-i8-NCI-2

Every automaker in the industry is creating their own version of a green car and BMW has theirs. The Bavarian automaker is planning on releasing their new hybrid, the BMW i8S. The release date for the i8S will be during the automakers 100th anniversary in 2017 with production soon to follow.

Interior Details 2017 BMW i8S     2017-BMW-i8-interior-NCI-1

Interior details are still not exact. However, we can assume the interior will be just as sporty as the exterior. What we do know is that the i8S will have electronic quality leather sport seats, a large touch-screen for the infotainment system, and a redesigned steering wheel to enable better manoeuvrability during high speeds. Another likely feature is new technology that will more than likely be found in the i8S. Features include Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, a modern auto system, Smartphone integration, USB ports and more.
Safety was prioritized on the i8S. This means that we can expect to see automatic airbags, ABS, enhanced seatbelts, traction and stability control, and a package of driving aids that will include lane keep assist, parking assist and a forward collision warning system.

Exterior Details 2017-BMW-i8-NCI-2

Significant changes will be made to the outside of the i8S that will make it look considerably different when compared to the current BMW models. The weight of the i8S will be lighter than the current models thanks to the use of aluminium and carbon fibre during the production of the body, chassis and other components.
The laser headlights that are mounted below the bumper will give the i8S a more aggressive and futuristic look. The signature butterfly grill remains, while the front bumper has been enlarged to add to the aggressive appearance. The back of the i8S presents an equally aggressive and sporty appearance as well. Butterfly doors will top off the futuristic theme of the i8S, while large wheels will help to manage the driving characteristics and powerful engine. The i8S will be available in black, red, silver and green.

Engine Specs

Sources indicate that two hybrid drive-trains are being considered for the i8S, a twin-turbocharged inline-four, and an inline-six. However, the exact details have been a closely guarded secret.
The twin-turbocharged inline-four will provide 320 HP and the paired electric motor would be in the neighbourhood of 204 HP. If the automaker opts for the larger 3.0L inline-six, the range of power increases significantly to 480 HP with a paired electric motor at around 109 HP. Whichever drive-train BMW decides to settle on, the i8S is expected to have over 500 HP.
The selected engine will be combined with a dual clutch 9-speed transmission. This arrangement will let the i8S have a top speed of around 155 mph, and a 0-60 time in the 3.5 second range.

Expected Release Date and Price
According to rumours, the starting price tag on the i8S will be around $175,000, but no official price has been released at this time. Look towards the second half of 2017 as being the release date for BMW’s new green car.