2016 Cadillac Eldorado

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The new Cadillac Eldorado 2016

The Eldorado badge always brings a smile to my face and provokes thoughts of luxury and class, The Eldorado which is by many considered to be the top end of the range was first released way back in 1953 and to the disappointment of car lovers Cadillac stopped production of the line in 2002,
But the company has decided that’s its high time that the Eldorado makes a come back , the new version of the car has been redesigned but does it still hold the luxury and class which it is famous for , lets take a look at what has changed.


2016 Cadillac Eldorado interior

The inside of the of the car has had a sleek new modern make over, The new cabin interior is very smooth and plush, The designers have used a wide range of materials to complete the new look, They have blended light tan color leather , Brazilian hand crafted rose wood and to add that little extra feel of luxury and modern they have use back lit titanium , as soon as you sit in the very comfortable but sporty feel seats in the cabin you will know that the Eldorado still has that elegant feel, The designers have also added a long list of gadgets and new technology and improved safety features ,



2016 Cadillac Eldorado exterior

The exterior of the car is very closely based on the stunning Ciel Concept , and for those that are familiar with the brand you will also notice a lot similarities to the Elmiraj, the design on the outside follows the luxurious and modern interior, The Eldorado is very stream lined 2 door 4 seat coupe , the styling is unusual in places but is a great fit for the car , a prefect example would be the narrow and elongated rear/tail lights, the designers have also lowered the roof from front to back , not by much but it does give the car a fresh and powerful fast look, and keep with the theme of looking fast and powerful the company has gave the rear end two exhaust pipes that are flush with the rear vendor


2016 Cadillac Eldorado The engine !

We not 100% sure as of yet what engine block the car is going to be shipped with , but we think that the smooth 4.6 LTR V8 block will be replaced by a stronger 4.8 v8 drive train, the new engine has a bit more go , and is capabvke of producing 500 horses as standard , which brings me on nicely to the next point , The Eldorado 2016 will only come with 1 engine option ! the previous version of the car had multiple engine choices but Cadillac has suggested that this model will have just the 1 to choose from ,
How to get those 500 horses to the wheels , again Cadillac have kept this pretty close to their chest but we are going to guess it will be the automatic transmission we see in other models and will most likely drive the back wheels ,

2016 Cadillac Eldorado release date and price

Cadillac have been very quite with regards to confirming any thing about the car, there is no official release date or windscreen price yet but rumors are saying that we should see the Cadillac Eldorado in show rooms early 2016 with a ticket price of around $80,000 USD

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